Frequently Asked Questions

So what is Hallowfest Octobfilm?

In 2014, finding ourselves with a bit of time in our hands, we decided to start a joint blog where we watched a horror movie every day and then reviewed it in our own style. We had so much fun doing it, we decided to do it again this year!

Awesome! So who are you?

We’re Andy and Lilly, your friendly neighbourhood horror movie reviewers!

Andy has been a fan of horror ever since catching Night of the Living Dead on TV as a teenager, and then working his way through the films of John Carpenter and George A. Romero. His favourites include Alien, The Thing and of course, Night of the Living Dead.

Lilly had nightmares after overhearing Dracula as a kid. Now however, she’s hooked! Her favourites include Les Yeux Sans Visage, anything with Shane Briant in it, and the 1931 Classic Frankenstein.

Why horror films? Why not nice ones?

With the explosion of geek culture, niche genres like fantasy and sci-fi have moved to the fore, but horror has been left out – which is a shame, because horror has some of the most interesting stories, fascinating characters and darkest themes of any fiction. At its best, horror can make us confront fundamental questions of human existence – what makes us human? What makes us ‘normal’? Is an eldritch abomination going to devour the earth?

Right. So what sort of things do you review?

The umbrella which we classify ‘horror’ under is surprisingly broad. Last year we covered everything from Scooby Doo to A Nightmare on Elm Street, and a couple of the films we’re reviewing this year are over 80 years old. We’re also seeing some brand new releases as well. We’re pretty open. If it’s tangentially related to horror or horror tropes, we’ll consider it.

What are you reviewing this year?

Ha ha! Nope.

We drop heavy handed hints about some of what we’re going to review, but we don’t release a list – that spoils the surprise. However this year we are doing ‘theme days’. More about that nearer the time.

Do you take recommendations?

Sure! Comment below, or contact us via Twitter or Facebook. We have some slots so we try to squeeze you in, but we do plan things out ahead of time so it may not make it this year. Then again, don’t ask, don’t get!

What in your opinion makes a good horror movie?

Although it’s different for both of us, there are definitely some things we DON’T like. Gratuitous violence directed solely at women is a big no-no. Pure gross-out stuff or torture porn is not really our cup of tea, either. Context is important: we’ll probably criticise something much less harshly for things like representation if it’s from the 60s or 70s rather than the modern day.

Other than that, depends on the movie, really. One that’s wittily written, well plotted and interesting will always beat out boring, recycled crap. Hey! Just like real movies!

Do you give a review score?

No. There are a few reasons for this. Firstly, the films we review are so diverse that a comparative score is kind of meaningless. The other issue is that people generally scroll to the end to see the score and skip the actual review, which we don’t want people doing. The other major thing is that we are two people who sometimes disagree, and we’re not either having that argument every day for a month or providing two scores.

Read the review. It’ll be pretty obvious if we like it or not.

How can I keep up with Hallowfest updates and reviews?

You can like and comment on the blog you’re now reading, follow us on twitter at @HallowOctobFilm, or find us on facebook at

I really like your guy’s writing! Anywhere else I can find you?

We both ran blogs for a while reviewing horror movies. Both sites are still active but no longer updated:

Andy –
Lilly –
These are mainly archives though. If you comment on these don’t expect a response – we don’t check them regularly.


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