The Resident; Or New York is a Hell of a Town

Hello and Hallo-welcome back to Shut-in Sunday, where we make sure that you lock your doors. Including the internal ones. You join your bloggers, Andy and Lilly, as they carefully read the small print on their lease…

Today’s Film Offering: The Resident

Look at Lee, creeping in the back.
Look at Lee, creeping in the back.

Andy: Juliet Devereau (who surprisingly is not French, and is instead Hilary Swank) has a problem. Her boyfriend’s cheating on her, and now she needs to find a new place to live. Good thing she met that lovely man at a party who is renting an apartment. Shame about the creepy old guy down the hall. And whoever’s watching her from across the street.

Before anything else, one of the most significant things about this film is that Hammer and Christopher Lee are back together for the first time since 1976s To The Devil a Daughter. Sadly, it’s now their last collaboration, as the legendary screen actor died earlier this year.

In fact, with Lee Pace starring as the wandering boyfriend, we’re one Ian McKellan short of a Hobbit movie. With Hilary Swank.

Lilly: Ironically, all three men she stars with are so tall, one wonders if the casting director aimed to make her look like a character from a Hobbit film, but we digress.

Andy: Anyway.

Lilly: Anyway. The film gently settles into a creeptastic tale of a stalker that is just never going to give up Juliet, and we are left to watch Juliet be menaced in her surprisingly cheap, spacious apartment that overlooks the water, having Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lee Pace fight for her affections. I mean, Juliet, sweetie, if it seems too good to be true…it probably is a set up in a horror film.

Andy: Yeah, it’s OK. There’s nothing here that’s particularly original, especially if you like your psychological thrillers, but the set and the setting are weirdly compelling. Everything seems kind of run down and worn out, not just in the building but in the city itself.

Lilly: The acting, as well, is pretty good. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is so sweet and lovely then not so sweet and lovely, and you are genuinely unnerved by the turns his personality takes–I felt bad for him at times, which is a sign of a well written maniac, in my opinion. Christopher Lee is also fantastic to see being the weird guy down the hall who may or may not know what’s going on. 

Andy: It’s certainly a diverting way to spend an hour and a half. It’s good, it’s well paced and it’s Hammer. What’s not to like? But then, there isn’t much to love either. It’s a tentative recommendation from me, but I could go either way.

This was a very short review.

Lilly: Isn’t it? It is just…It was one of those films I was glad I saw because Jeffrey Dean Morgan was a lot of fun in this (and it was a good contrast to the first screen team up of Hilary and Jeffrey in P.S. I Love You), not to mention I got to see Christopher Lee in his last Hammer film. It’s not that memorable beyond those moments where the stalker really let his freak flag fly, and that’s a shame.

Andy: There’s really not that much more to it.

Lilly: And that’s a wrap. Go on, give it a watch. Have some popcorn, and talk through it with a friend–it’s that sort of film!


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